On December 7, 2019, Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau held a conference on the construction of provincial engineering technology research center newly established in 2019. The purpose of the conference is to further strengthen the management of new projects of provincial engineering technology research center. As the construction unit of Engineering Technology Research Center newly established this year, Nanjing Youtian Metal Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the meeting and listened carefully to the provincial science and technology department Speech of relevant leaders of technical department.

In June 2017, the "Rare Metal New Material Engineering Technology Research Center" constructed by Youtian was recognized as Nanjing Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center. After more than two years of operation and management, the center purchased advanced research and development and inspection and testing equipment, undertook a number of provincial and municipal science and technology plan projects, and obtained a number of authorized patents. In July 2019, Nanjing Municipal science and Technology Bureau issued the application notice of this year's construction project of Jiangsu Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center. In order to further improve the construction level of the center, Youtian established a working group led by the general manager. According to the provincial identification requirements, the relevant application materials were carefully prepared. After preliminary review of materials, expert review and other processes, it was finally recognized as The Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, which realized the zero breakthrough of the company's provincial platform and marked the company's scientific research work to a new level.

Youtian will strengthen the construction and management of the engineering technology research center, vigorously promote the technological innovation, continuously improve the research and development ability and achievement transformation ability, and strive to play the role of the center in promoting the technological progress of the industry, so as to provide strong support for the development of the company and the industry!