Congratulations to Youtian for Passing the
Credit Rating Reevaluation of AAA grade Enterprises of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association in 2019
On November 21, 2019, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association held a forum in Chongqing. As a member of China Nonferrous
Metal lndustry Association Titanium Branch(including zirconium & hafnium), Youtian has the honor to attend the meeting. At the meeting, the relevant leaders of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association issued certificates and medals to the enterprises newly awarded AAA credit rating and passed the reevaluation, and our company successfully passed the reevaluation.

Picture 1  China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association awarded medals
(the second person from the right is Youtian Marketing Director)
Since the establishment in 2009, Youtian has always adhered to the principle of good faith management, and has been rated as a contract abiding and credit abiding enterprise in Jiangning District and a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Nanjing city for many consecutive years, and has passed the implementation standard of enterprise credit management in Jiangsu Province. In 2016, Youtian passed the credit evaluation of AAA grade enterprises in nonferrous metal industry for the first time, with an effective period of three years. According to the requirements of the non-ferrous metal industry enterprise credit rating evaluation document, we need to carry out a reevaluation in 2019. Therefore, Youtian specially established a project team headed by the general manager. In the early stage, we mainly prepared all the application materials according to the requirements of the reevaluation documents. In the later stage, we accepted the on-site inspection of the credit rating investigation and verification working group of the association. At the inspection meeting, the executive director introduced the company's production and operation situation, and the development department reported the specific implementation of the company's credit rating evaluation reevaluation work, which was evaluated by the expert group. Our company has successfully passed the investigation and verification.

Picture 2  Credit rating certificate of AAA grade enterprise of China nonferrous metal industry
As a modern enterprise, with the rapid development of social information resources sharing, honest management is of great importance. Enterprises can only go further by credit. Facing the current severe international situation and fierce market competition environment, we keep in mind that integrity is the foundation of our company. While attaching importance to scientific and technological innovation, we should constantly improve product quality and service quality, win the trust of customers with high-quality products and excellent service, so as to create our own brand of Youtian!